Let's recycle our jewelry!

Do you too have a drawer of shame full of broken, mismatched or outdated jewelry? You haven't worn them for a very long time but you keep them in a corner because you don't know what to do with them.

The only option available to you was:

- to try to resell them, which almost never happened

- throw them in the trash

This is nonsense!

Ecologically first, recycling jewelry is important because it reduces the amount of new materials needed to make new jewelry! By no longer throwing our jewelry in the trash, we recover tons of recyclable metals! Metals, but also natural stones, pearls, etc. All these elements in good condition that ended up in the trash!

Economically then, Just like for clothes, the recycling of jewelry can be very economical, because it allows to give a second life to jewelry that has not been worn much or has not been used for a long time.

Giving them a second life in second-hand sectors reduces our ecological footprint on the planet.

From now on, instead of throwing away your jewels, come and drop them off with us! We take care of everything !

And as a reward for your gesture for the planet, we offer you a €5 voucher to be used in our jewelry store or on our website.

So don't wait any longer! Together let's act for the planet!

We are talked about in the media!